Leave No Trace

by Awaiting Dawn

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LEAVE NO TRACE is the first full-length album of german Progressive Metallers AWAITING DAWN, who independently released an EP, entitled “Changing Days” in 2009.
The band, which was formed in 2006, developed their specific style over many years. It is defined through complex structures, meters and rhythms, as well as a big dynamic range, though always preserving an understandable songstructure. Influences of Classical Music and Jazz to the songwriting present themselves in motific, formal and harmonic perspectives. A clear and sometimes rapsy voice within melancholic melodies is another typical feature – as a difference to many metal stereotypes almost with a trace of pop-qualified melodics and differentiated expressions in a range between soft and rather aggressive sounds, appearing moreover in the unusual many calm passages (as measured by most metal bands).
The basic theme of most of the songs is an introverted and introspective look to emotions which is brought to a poetic statement through lyrics with great depth, here and there going together with a dash of social criticism.
The recording period for new album endured almost a year, in which every song was revised and perfected until the last detail. The album contains eight songs which somehow stand for the band’s history and the best material which was written during the years. Musical, thematical and lyrical references between all of the songs deliver the overall impression of an integral work, while at the same time preserving as much variety as possible.
„Leave No Trace“, being an introverted expression for individual insecurity, operates as a summary of all the different emotional facets of the album.
Special features amongst others on the LP are:
An authentic church organ, authentic string instruments from guest musicians, guest background vocals and group shoutings with different guests.


released February 17, 2017

Guest Musicians:

Fabian Steeg - Background Vocals
Nils Biesewig - Viola on tracks 3,4 and 8
Laura Cromm - Violins on tracks 2,3,4 and 8
Annette Schneider - Cello on tracks 3,4 and 8
String arrangements by Peter Schnur (tracks 2,3,4 and 8) & Benjamin Reiter (tracks 3,4 and 8)

Orchestral arrangement on “A Life Lost” by Peter Schnur and Markus Teske

Group Shoutings on tracks 4,5 and 6:
Fabian Steeg, Peter Schnur, Maik Seckler, Matthias Platz, Benjamin Reiter,
Julia Heinrich

All songs written and arranged by Benjamin Reiter & Awaiting Dawn
Except “The Machinery”, “Get Immune” and “…And Heaven Full Of Clouds” by Benjamin Reiter, Matthias Platz & Awaiting Dawn
Leave No Trace was produced, arranged & put together by Awaiting Dawn between June 2015 and March 2016 .
Drums and guitar re-amping recorded by Markus Teske at Bazement Studio.
Keyboards, Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical Guitar, Shoutings and Peter’s Backing Vocals recorded by Peter Schnur.
Church organ recorded by Peter Schnur at Martin-Luther-Kirche, Lampertheim.
Guitars and Vocals recorded by Benjamin Reiter.
Mixed, edited and mastered by Markus Teske at Bazement Studio.

Artwork and layout by Simon Walter
(www.simon-walter.de / www.behance.net/simonwalter)
Band photography by Stefan Groh
Official video to “The Bountiful Colors Of Black”
produced by Christophe Maaß (CCC-Media)

Awaiting Dawn wishes to thank all of our supporters, family and people
who helped us along our way and in realizing this record.
Special thanks to Markus Teske, Simon Walter, Stefan Groh, Mark Merritt
Very special thanks to Nils Biesewig, Laura Cromm, Annette Schneider,
Fabian Steeg.
To Christophe Maaß for your dedication and awesome work;
to Matthias Platz for years of common time, co-development of the band
and a lot of creative input!




all rights reserved


Awaiting Dawn Frankfurt, Germany

Fresh Progressive Metal/Rock from Germany in an exciting mixture:
Sometimes very heavy and powerful, sometimes rather calm, thoughtful and dreamy - always innovative and full of emotions, honesty and affecting melancholy.
All this embedded in a frame of progressive and virtuosic instrumental parts with lots of groove meeting catchy vocals between introverted sensibilty and extroverted aggression.
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Track Name: Torn
I felt it happening again
And I crumbled to dust
As you were walking by and I ran
Evade your presence
That’s what I must

I’m craving you as it does the sleeper
Haunted by nightmares he longs to wake
This emotion goes farther, deeper
As I kneel for your hand to take

How come I cannot face your eyes
And stutter for every word to say?
To touch you I know I have to rise
And leave the night for the light of day

I’m craving you as it does the sleeper
Haunted by nightmares he longs to wake
This emotion goes farther, deeper
Reaching out for your hand to take

I’m no intruder, please be happy
And live your golden life
Just promise that you won’t forget me
Don’t forget me, leave and drive

I’m craving you as it does the sleeper
Haunted by nightmares he longs to wake
This emotion goes farther, deeper
Begging you for my hand to take
Track Name: The Bountiful Colors Of Black
I'm walking through the shades
Dressed in bountiful colors of black
In my dreams I'm alone
Breathing the air of a world that's not mine

Colliding with the vast emptiness within
I am the abyss, sucking up life
Behold the hideous mask
The foul stench of the beast

Lost within my lonely dreams I am
No path unfolds before me
And no light that leads the way for me
All alone, I run in circles, circles
To leave no trace in the grey sands of my life
Is this what I deserve?

And still I'm running with the fiend
I detest my face, bare of blood
Crawling through the dust
Scraping the ground with my filthy hands

The flesh grows cold and shaking
Silent tears keep falling into mud
I'm crying for my losses
Could I just remind what I craved too much
And so I choose a life in the dark
Surrounded by the bountiful colors of black

Locked away within my eternal jail
Peering through the cage of my mind
Screaming now in perfect agony
I see myself fading away from me
My tortured mind collapses, finally
Left with nothing but despair
And the bountiful colors of black
Track Name: ...And Heaven Full Of Clouds
A feeble trace of summer air
On cold and darkened days
The memory of a friendly smile
Attends my lonely ways

Remembering the time we shared
I’m wandering around and around
Without an aim, without an aspiration
Forlorn and heaven full of clouds

I see you walking by my side
It seems so far away
A distant echo slowly dies
In silence I will pray

Your picture remains just a memory
Your picture remains as a memory
Just a memory in my mind

I’m dreaming, dreaming of you, dreaming
I’m screaming, screaming I am, screaming
I know I lost you

A little gap between the clouds
A little sign of sunlight
I cannot change all that's gone and past
But try to live another life

Remembering the time we shared
I’m wandering around and around
I now have changed, I do have aspiration
Despite that heaven's full of clouds
Yes, I have changed, I do have aspiration
Despite that heaven's full of clouds
Track Name: Breakout
These are the lines for the blinded
They’re the leading way for the not simple-minded
You never learned to use your eyes
Because your virtue’s dulled with vice

And did you ever wonder why
Your life is just passing by?
It’s just because you never cared
To be someone who really dared
To cross the line without return
And command the world to burn

Now follow me, I’ll show you how
To evade the endless row
Of blinded victims of the rule
Who plunge into the bloody pool
Now follow me, I’ll show you how
To evade the endless row
You've got the chance to do it right
Stand up against their sightless pride

Don’t say a word, now hush and hear me
Come closer now but don't come get me
Leave all your memories behind
Just keep the one you think is kind

Burn the lies that hold the mask
And there’s one question you may ask
New born being without a name
You’re naked but you feel no shame
That’s the way it’s ought to be
Fly with open eyes and see

Break the bonds that chain your mind
Do not fear what you will find
As darkness breaks away from you
Sunlight warms your skin anew

Face the facts and say goodbye
To a shameful living lie
It's time now to accept the dare
Step out into the open air

Fill your lungs, breathe out, breathe in
And realize there is no sin
Your final lesson has been taught
No solution can't be bought.
Track Name: The Machinery
I watch your life just passing by
Grey and meaningless
Now look straight into my eyes
And tell me, is it thoughtlessness?

You don´t seem to realize
Or recognize your chains
Daily meetings, taxes paid
You got your car you´re satisfied.

You´re just a little gear in the system
And if you pass away, so what?
You’re replaced and thrown away
To be forgotten

I wish you could be critical
For you don´t question things
Indifference is your attitude
And you don´t care about friends

Recurring same dull misty days
Same words spoken, same things done
And everytime it seems you turn
You start again in this endless run

You're used…
Track Name: Get Immune
A long and empty day
And it just couldn’t take this feeling away
For black in black – it’s all the same
There’s no one who could light my pain

I just try to forget you
And these good times I’ve lost
You left me in the shadows
With all this hate you’ve caused

I got to get immune
Get immune
To this pain
Because of you

Can something ever light my pain?
The coldness makes me feel insane
I’m tryin’ so hard to seal myself off distress
But it's all in vain

A long and endless night
And I miss you by my side
Every time I close my eyes
The patience within myself dies

I just try to fall asleep
And get away from you
Nothing has ever hurt me
As hard as feelings do

All of these thoughts in my mind
And all of these feelings of pain
Keep constantly feeding my blind affection
To drive me insane
Track Name: My Deepest Affliction
From retraction to arise
And so easily get back to life
That's your desperate will for me
So I sigh no more, still remaining silently

Burned out and depressed
I just muse around, so numb and senseless
And all your empathy
Makes me feel your love,
Still I can’t forget the past
All these scars

Why do you seek for my deepest affliction
And magnify my despair?
All that you’ll find is a soul in addiction
To hunger for enlivening air

You walk with me and you hold my hand, closely
Breathing air so pure
Trickling energy
Into a soul damned to bear misery

I close my eyes
While I feel your warmth, lovingly
Still I fail to feel
All the peace and joy
You’re trying to share with me
A life so free

All this time it echoes from afar
In all this time a distant phobia

If all these scars
Could ever mend
Track Name: A Life Lost
The sound of rain
In the silent solitude, so finally
A thought of bliss
In times so lonely

Twisting thoughts within my head
And I’m wandering these winding paths
And while I’m craving for the truth
Of what has been
I think of you

Why did you walk away?
Now that we understand
What gave us pain
A life lost
And I wonder…

Could you feel my adoring sympathy
All the time along with me?
Could you feel my internal agony
As you made me suffer in pain?

You wouldn't respond
To my constant endeavour
My love in vain
A frozen face and I was longing for your smile
But you crucified our life

You have forsaken me
Although you know so well
What I gave for you
A life lost
And I wonder…